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Posted on 07-07-2015

How to Ditch Your Reading Glasses With the New Kamra Inlay

Newly FDA-approved, 15-minute procedure corrects “over 40” eyesight.

Couple browsing on tablet - with no reading glasses

The Kamra Inlay, the first medical device ever designed specifically to treat presbyopia, or “over-40” eyesight, was approved by the FDA this past April.

If you struggle to read a menu, or if things are temporarily blurry when you look up after reading your phone, you are probably suffering from presbyopia.

Maybe you’ve had the unfortunate crick in your neck from trying to see around your bifocal line or tilting your head back to see the computer. Presbyopia strikes again!

Well, take heart, because there is finally an effective remedy for presbyopia. The Kamra Inlay is fantastic news for those of us in our middle years who are tired of juggling multiple pairs of glasses or running around to find one of the several pairs of reading glasses we’ve stashed around the house. And car. And office.

The Kamra Inlay is a tiny disk implanted in the cornea that blocks unfocused light rays. Only 1/10th the thickness of a human hair and weighing less than a grain of salt, this implant will correct both your near and intermediate vision without compromising your distance vision.

It’s fully reversible (although fewer than 5% of patients in the study opted for reversal), approved in more than 40 countries and has been performed on over 20,000 people. That’s an impressive track record for any new device or procedure.

Post surgery, most people have found they no longer need glasses at any distance for most activities. Note that LASIK is often performed as part of the treatment to correct any existing astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia.

Imagine looking from your computer screen to your phone to send a text message with no necessary eyeglass adjustment or blurry zones. Reading recipes, menus and enjoying photos of your loved ones without glasses. Or, how about looking from the speedometer to the road without having to jump that bifocal line. All while maintaining your highway depth perception.

As it happens, one of the principle investigators in the clinical trials practices right here in Newport Beach at NVision Laser Eye Centers. Dr. Tooma, highly regarded by other doctors as a surgical perfectionist, is the founder of NVision and a LASIK pioneer. His team is currently the only one in California authorized to perform the surgery. Lucky us!

Dr. Jackman is very familiar with Dr. Tooma’s work and recommends him highly. In fact, Mr. Dr. Jackman (couldn’t resist!) had LASIK done by Dr. Tooma at NVision and is extremely happy with the results.

Jackman Optometry is now offering free consultations for those interested in the procedure. Here’s a very short video with NVision doctors explaining more about the Kamra Inlay, along with a simple animation:

Call us today at 714-543-2022 to set up a free consultation.

Here is one downside to the Kamra Inlay procedure, though. And, that is the loss of your favorite excuses! Our favorite examples:

  1. Sorry I missed your home movies. My arms have gotten so short I just couldn’t read my phone calendar anymore.
  2. A cup of sugar? I lost my reading glasses but I’m sure it said salt. Oh, well, give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything.
  3. No, Officer, I would NEVER speed! That darn bifocal line must have covered the old speedometer again. #fail #hellodrivingschool.

That’s it, there's every reason for you to check out the Kamra Inlay. Call 714-543-2022 today with any questions or to set up your free consultation.

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